“Wi-Fi blackspots” a thing of the past as new technology takes our country by storm

March 2019 – Over the past fortnight, Plug&Browse – a new Wi-Fi technology, has begun transforming the way millions of households go online. The device, which has just appeared on the market, has brought higher strength broadband signal to every corner of their homes.

Talk of the new tech began on internet forums with internet users looking for ways to “boost their Wi-Fi signal”. They soon found a new way to enjoy broadband throughout their homes. Right across the states, the past few weeks has seen a transformation in how Americans are connecting to the internet in their homes. Our article today looks at this new technology which boosts the signal of your existing Wi-Fi router.

However, not everyone is happy to see the arrival of this new technology. Long on the wane, ethernet cables have seen their sales fall; the Wi-Fi Booster has taken its place, with a cheap and easy way to get connected. Fans of the new technology have been keen to get their orders in before stocks run out.

A revolution in people’s online lives

Wi-Fi revolutionised the way we communicate. You could get in touch with anyone at almost any time and almost any place. You could contact your friends at any moment, and the technology was constantly improving. However, there are still, even today, a few difficulties to be overcome.

Downloading can be sluggish, the connection is sometimes patchy, and often the Wi-Fi connection just doesn’t reach to all the rooms of the house. Of course, internet providers usually have a solution, but at a cost!

The launch of this new Wi-Fi signal booster means all these problems are a distant memory. Households are already enjoying the benefits of this revolutionary device, which extends the coverage of their existing Wi-Fi network. By simply connecting the device to your existing network (your internet box or router) you can extend the network to all those areas which the signal just wouldn’t reach before.

Now available in the our country, everyone can enjoy broadband internet throughout their homes.

Lauren, designer of the Plug&Browse explains her innovation; “American households have been at the mercy of their internet providers for too long, meaning they pay higher prices for lower quality internet. We wanted to change that! We are offering the people in every state of the US a better alternative, so they can enjoy broadband at home, while also saving money.”

Plug&Browse has transformed the market in the US. Plug&Browse customers can now easily enjoy Wi-Fi even in the furthest corners of their homes.

Plug&Browse, the high performance Wi-Fi Booster

Plug&Browse picks up the existing Wi-Fi signal and increases its strength and extends its coverage.

It’s ideal in homes where the signal doesn’t reach to certain rooms, because it can double the area covered by the existing router.

Plug&Browse cuts downloading time which allows users to watch live videos more comfortably.

To enjoy Plug&Browse, all you need to do is plug the device into an electric socket and the rest is automatic. The Plug&Browse will connect to your Wi-Fi network and lets out a signal so the user can continue surfing and downloading right away.

Paul, Plug&Browse’s marketing director explains further; “People’s habits have changed…We want to be connected everywhere we go, whether that means using our laptops while watching TV, or reading the news on our phones in the bathroom; every room needs to be connected. Traditional internet routers just didn’t cut it. The signal was too weak or it didn’t reach certain rooms of the house. That’s why we developed the Plug&Browse, so that people are connected no matter where they are in their homes. With our device, you can move through the your house, and you won’t lose connection while playing your favorite game.”

To re-cap, Plug&Browse:

  • Boosts your Wi-Fi signal
  • Increases your internet speed
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Universal
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Helps you to save money
  • Works with ALL internet providers

Our proven results

Plug&Browse has an extremely high customer satisfaction rating of 99%, a rating easily exceeding those of other internet connection products such as ethernet, which have seen their sales plummet since the launch of Plug&Browse.

“I love playing video games, but my room didn’t have Wi-Fi before. With Plug&Browse, I can play wherever I want”, says Alice.

“My son would have tantrums whenever the connection got cut off, thankfully that’s all over now, since with the Plug&Browse he can play wherever he likes.” Chloe from Boston told us.

“I work freelance from home and I can’t live without a good internet connection. Plug&Browse is perfect for me as it keeps me connected all the time!” says Amir from Pittsburgh.

Who is Plug&Browse for?

The Wi-Fi booster suits anyone who wants to improve and extend their Wi-Fi network coverage throughout their home, even into their garden.

Its particularly great for homes which have “Wi-Fi blackspots” as it allows you to extend your coverage everywhere.

Where can I buy Plug&Browse?

You can order your device on the official Plug&Browse website, and it will be delivered to you few days.

By using the link below, you can benefit from the exclusive and time-limited offer of 50% off the recommended retail price.

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the link and go on the manufacturer’s site
  2.  Order your Plug&Browse Booster
  3. Connect your device to start enjoying broadband internet throughout your home.