Electrostimulation is converting thousands of new users every day in the US



Following the lead of celebrities and sports personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo, more and more Americans are turning to Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or electromyostimulation to get a toned, muscular, and healthy body.

A revolutionary technology to sculpt, muscle, and tone the body

Developed by a team of experts, electrostimulation sends electric signals to the muscles to stimulate them like during physical exercise.

During a work out session, the brain sends a message to the muscles via the nervous system using electrical impulses. EMS simulates these impulses using electrodes which directly targets the muscles to force them to contract and relax.

Cristiano Ronaldo on EMS : «LMS is crucial for training and can lead to optimal physical performance.»

Originally meant for sports players and professional athletes, this scientifically proven method, approved by coaches, has little by little been democratized and is now open to the general public.

The arrival of Max ABS is therefore a real innovation, and allows thousands of men and women to access this revolutionary new technology!

Max ABS, the first professional EMS tool available to the public

Electrostimulation  sessions- EMS with l’Max ABS

«For many years we focused a lot of our energy on being able able to offer everyone the ability to create their ideal body. An unbelievable goal until now but we were able to reach it thanks to the dedication and hard work of the entire team. Max ABS is simply a dream that has become a reality, and our pride is even stronger thanks to the hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. Sales being through the roof is the best gift we could have hoped for. It’s real proof of our success.» explains the creator of this innovative tool.

The goal of d’Max ABS is to do the following:

– Effortlessly work the abs, biceps, triceps, and all targeted muscles thanks to its 4 training modes and 10 speeds.

– Tone and build muscle, Max ABS uses EMS technology via a tool placed on the abdominal belt and two patches to be fixed to the arms, thighs, or hips.

– Get professional results in on average half the time, safely and painlessly.

Visible results in 2 weeks

With a daily session of 30 minutes, 99% of Max ABS users confirm seeing many positive effects on their body including for the majority:

– Redefined muscles
– A slimmer silhouette
– A toned body and firmer skin

–  A reduction in cellulite and «orange peel» skin

This means that Max ABS really gives visible effects in less than two weeks .

Advice from Marc, personal trainer: «This device can also be used in parallel with muscle building exercises: this will target simultaneously the deep and surface muscle fiber, which will allow you to build muscle more effectively»

«My body has simply transformed. I am more than happy with the result. It took me a few weeks to see my abs form and my arms tone.»
Danielle, 41, one of the first Max ABS customers in the US.

«After I gave birth I didn’t know what to do to get my toned stomach back. Exercise, diets… nothing worked. Then I discovered Max ABS. I could see the result after only a few uses. Today I feel good in my body and my pregnancy stomach is a distant memory
Eva, mother to a 5 month old little girl and Max ABS user for 3 months.

«I didn’t expect to see such big results in so little time. I hate working out but I found the miracle solution to get a sculpted body effortlessly and without leaving the house»
Steven, Max ABS user for 6 weeks.

Who is Max ABS meant for?

La electrical stimulation (EMS) is made for those who are looking to get a toned and muscular body. This device is just as much for people who work out to use as an addition to their own workout regime, as for those who simply want to maintain their muscle tone.

Coaches also recommend EMS to women who want to firm up their stomach after a pregnancy. It can also be a perfect option in the context of a rehabilitation, such as after an operation or wearing a plaster.

Not to be used by children under 16 or pregnant women.

How to buy Max ABS in the US?

By going to the official Max ABS website you can order online and receive it at your home in a few days.

During the launch period only, Max ABS is half price for those who access the site via the following link. Even better, a discount is also offered on multiple purchases, which makes it a great option for gifts or for buying in bulk.

Instructions to follow:

1- Click on this link and go to the manufacturers website

2- Order your Max ABS and provide your delivery address

3- Start your electrostimulation sessions, 30 minutes per day and increase the intensity according to your personalized program and your goals