Sometimes you feel that you have missed the once in a lifetime product offer? Or you even wonder how I have not heard about this? There are thousands of information that comes to us every day from the Internet, about really wonderful products that could surely change our lives, but perhaps we were not at the right time when the news about these discoveries was offered. Therefore, we want to share with you the TOP 10 amazing products that probably you didn’t know and will change your life

Our selection is based on products that have been created recently, based on the needs of the population and how to satisfy them. They are all really innovative inventions that are also available to everyone. Our list of the 10 best products of the season is made with items that we have tried and that we can therefore advise.

1.- Drone XS – The best selfie technique in history

Having a Drone XS in your hand is an incredible feeling, it seems incredible that something so small is able to fly and also take videos or photos and send them in real time to the social network of your choice. All this makes the Drone XS being controlled by Wifi from a free APP that you can download and install on your smartphone, both for Android and for Iphone.

The Drone XS is very small, it fits in the palm of your hand. However, it has functionalities comparable to the professional equipment of greater size and price. For example, you can make 360º turns while doing HD videos or capture photos when you have the best frame, from your own phone. There are hundreds of people in the world who already use this little Drone to make selfies in incredible places in a simple way. You do not have to be an expert in technology to use it, we have checked it and the Drone XS does everything for you without you needing to read a huge manual, it is easy and intuitive to use, that is why companies from all over the world have incorporated it as a support tool in their projects.

2.- EcoShower, the Ecological Shower that improves your health and economy.

When you discover an invention like this you wonder how they had not manufactured it before. It seems incredible that a shower handle is both able to improve your health and save up to 30% of water in your daily consumption. EcoShower has been designed by a team of engineers who have used natural materials such as mineral stones to ensure that the water in our daily bath is free of lime and chlorine and also «mineralized», with medicinal properties that help us prevent waterborne diseases, skin like psoriasis. In addition, the micro-holes of the shower in the EcoShower, have been designed to save water without losing power. In fact, there is an option that is the massage that offers you up to 250% more strength than in any shower on the market. Another important aspect of EcoShower is that it is easy to install, simply unscrew the old shower and replace it with the EcoShower. What is incredible? Well now we can have it in our own homes.

3.- Life SmartWatch

Why does a watch include the word «LIFE» in its name? In this case it makes all the sense because Life SmartWatch is a smart watch capable of controlling your Vital Constants without you noticing. Do you have tension problems, suffer from the heart or do you want to measure your heart rate while exercising? Well, although it seems incredible, but all these medical data you could have on your wrist today, thanks to the technology of the Life SmartWatch.

Life SmartWatch measures the pulse, the blood pressure, counts the steps, your heart rate, the calories you burn while you move and even monitors your sleep when you sleep. Life SmartWatch is the best caretaker of health that we can have, through a simple interface that connects powerful sensors to vital signs in the wrist area. It is true that only when you start using it will you realize its usefulness, because in addition Life SmartWatch is a smart watch that connects to your smartphone and alerts you to incoming calls, messaging and notifications from your social networks. For us Life SmartWatch is an indispensable gadget nowadays.

4.- Acusole Therapeutic Insoles, wellness for your feet.

Reflexology is a millenary technique created in China, which is used to improve the different ailments that we have in the body. It is proven that the stimulation of certain areas on the sole of the foot (known as zone therapy) significantly improves our health and can help us in some muscular ailments or even relax in situations of stress. Based on this specialized massage technique, Insole Templates have been created. These templates, developed in a very elastic gel, include 5 magnetized areas that use the cold for the stimulation of the different parts of the body and also use more than 400 specific points of acupuncture to achieve a total stimulation of our organism. Isole Templates can be used by all kinds of people and come in all foot sizes. They can even be trimmed to fit each person’s shape.

When they are used for the first time, we realize their benefits, even improving our blood circulation. In addition, something very important is that the Isole Templates are really comfortable and ergonomic for men’s or women’s shoes. Better to test them to see if they help us.

5.- Vertical Clothes Steamer, the best ironing experience.

When we go to an appliance store in search of the perfect iron, they always offer us these «huge ironing boards» that also cost us an arm and a leg. Discovering Vertical Clothes Steamer has changed the way we think and now we can have in a small device, all the benefits of the most professional ironing boards. The Vertical Steamer portable steam iron is the lightest and most powerful on the market. The technology he uses is the same as that used by industrial equipment, which can smooth any surface both horizontally and vertically.
With Vertical Clothes Steamer you do not need an ironing board and it is so light that you can take it anywhere and thus have all the clothes, whatever your gender, without wrinkles and with the freshness of professional laundries.

6.- MiniHeater, the best portable heating device

Are you one of those who can not stand the cold at this time and do not like to wear heavy coats indoors? Sometimes having a blanket is not enough to warm you up and the heating is not always everywhere or is not always on. In these cases, an appliance such as the Mini Heater is the best possible solution. Heating a specific space with the Mini Heater is quick and easy. Simply plug the small heater near the area that we want to heat and voila, we will begin to feel the heat safely. The Mini Heater is totally portable and its temperature is regulated between 20 and 35 ºC. It also includes a timer that will allow us to program its on and off, in order to have a comfortable and warm space when we need it.

7- Ultra Scrubber Cleaning Brush Kit,

The cleaning of homes is usually a tedious issue that requires a lot of effort if we want it to be well. That’s why, when we discovered the Ultra Scrubber Cleaning Brush Kit, we knew that cleaning would be much easier and more effective. The Ultra Scrubber Cleaning Brush Kit is composed of three brushes of different size and shape, in order to reach them with any surface. Ultra Scrubber Cleaning Brush Kit adapts to any domestic drill and thanks to this, we can use the power we need in each case. Thanks to the Ultra Scrubber Cleaning Brush Kit nylon fibers, we can use the brushes without fear of scratching the surfaces of aluminum, porcelain or even fiberglass or plastic. With UltraScrubber we have been able to verify how the embedded dirt disappears in seconds and without effort or the purchase of expensive and corrosive cleaning liquids.

8.- DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb

Are you worried about security in your home or office? DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb is an amazing camcorder with a 360º angle of view, created to monitor spaces without anyone noticing their presence, because it is housed in a light bulb. DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb security light bulb connects to an downloadable app, so you can see in real time everything that happens in the room where you have connected the equipment.

While a room is illuminated, the DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb records everything that happens in the room and leaves it recorded on an SD Card, up to 128 gigabytes, which is inserted into the bulb itself. The system of the DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb, allows more than 32 hours of continuous recording and also has a sensor that alerts us on the mobile, when you feel a strange movement in areas with little traffic, such as a warehouse or a garage. We can use our DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb remotely, thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the app on our smartphone.

DroaCam 360º Surveillance Camera Bulb is easy to install and use, simply screw the bulb in any point of light, install the app, synchronize the system once and you will have access to the images and their control from your smartphone.

9.- Mini HD Projector

How many times would we love to go to the movies but do not have time, or the movie we wanted to see is no longer in theaters? What if we take the Cinema to the House?
With the Mini HD Projector it is possible to project our favorite movie on any wall of our house. You would be surprised to see how good the images are in a compact and lightweight video projector.

The Mini HD Projector is created using the technology of large professional video projectors, but with a small size, so much, that it fits in our hand. Thanks to its luminosity, between 400 and 600 lumens and its high contrast of 800: 1, we can enjoy a bright and clear image in the dark, on any wall. In addition, the Mini HD Projector is compatible with almost all types of connections, such as AV, CVBS, HDMI or USB ports, which will allow us to project the movies from the computer itself, a multimedia hard disk or a DVD player.

10.- Stop Snore

Are you one of those who snore or can not sleep because your partner snores? This unpleasant situation can be avoided with a small magnetic ring known under the name of Stop Snore. This innovative system «anti snoring» is completely natural, thanks to its magnetic technology, breathing improves and snoring disappear as if it is «magic».

The silicone ring includes two magnetic terminations that unblock the nasal passages increasing the flow of air and relieving the pressure of the respiratory and circulatory system. Stop Snore has no side effects, it is totally natural and will be of great help to the whole family.